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Central Coast Corvette Club
P.O. Box 6313
Santa Maria, CA 93456


How to become a Member of Central Coast Corvette Club

  1. Attend a combination of three meetings/club events. This could be a combination of two monthly meetings and one event or two events and one monthly meeting.
  2. Complete a Membership Application including the three meeting/event information. Return the application along with the appropriate fees (below) to the Membership Person of the Club.
  3. Your Membership Application will be reviewed by the general membership and a vote is taken.
  4. You will then be notified of that vote.

Dues: New Member $25.00 per person (partial year pro-rated). Annual dues payable at the regular monthly meeting in October of each year.

New Member Initiation Fee: $25.00 per person - includes name badges and materials.

A check can be made payable to "Central Coast Corvette Club" and mailed along with the Membership Application to the address at the top of this page or submitted at a general membership meeting.

Click here for the Membership Application